WP Engine Vs Bluehost – Which Webhosting Company Offers The Better Services

Finding the right webhosting company for a website you are planning to build can be difficult if you are not familiar which company offers the best services. Two of the most popular webhosting providers today are WP Engine and Bluehost. These two companies differ from each other when it comes to the hosting plans that the sell, the features they have, and the reliability of their services. In the following review, we are going to pit WP Engine vs Bluehost to determine which one of them offers the better services. You can use this guide in deciding which company you should use for your hosting needs.


1) Webhosting Plans – It’s really hard to compare the two companies based on their hosting plans because Bluehost is more of a general hosting company while WP Engine specializes in offering managed WordPress hosting. If you are looking for a webhost that’s anchored on the WordPress platform, then it’s highly recommended that you go with WP Engine. The company is the best in the industry when it comes to WordPress hosting. They offer five different plans namely Personal, Professional, Business, Premium, and Enterprise Grade. The price range for these plans starts at just $29 a month for the most basic plan.

2) Features of the Hosting Plans – WP Engine has built its reputation by hosting thousands of websites on WordPress. With that said, most of the features available in the company’s hosting plans are optimized for WordPress websites. These features include the ability to instantly create a copy of your website for testing or staging, hassle-free website migration, the option to integrate the platform with Amazon S3, and support for third-party SSL certificate providers. Three of the hosting plans by WP Engine make use of shared servers. If you want a dedicated server, you can upgrade to the premium and enterprise-grade options.

3) Uptime Percentage – This is one of the most important aspects of webhosting. We have to compare the uptime percentage of WP Engine vs Bluehost to determine which one of them has more reliable servers. It’s a well-known fact that WP Engine has an uptime percentage of 99.99% courtesy of its advanced servers and infrastructure. This is also because WP Engine closely manages their upgrade paths as well as perform regular backup procedures. Bluehost has an uptime percentage of 99.75% which is a few points lower than that of WP Engine. Several independent groups tested the two companies and the results have been consistent. WP Engine always emerged with a higher uptime percentage.

4) Customer Support – WP Engine also offers better services in this department probably because of the fact that WP Engine is a smaller company than Bluehost which means that they have to contend with fewer client issues. Both companies provide support to clients through phone, email, and live chat 24/7. But WP Engine customer representatives are more effective in dealing with questions from clients.

In conclusion, if we are to pit WP Engine vs Bluehost, WP Engine emerges as the better webhosting company. In a rating scale of five stars, WP Engine would receive five stars while Bluehost would get four stars.